– How Negative Thinking Creates a Path to Success

While it may fly in the face of conventional thinking, I spoke this week about the power of negative thinking with two collaborating entrepreneurs, Doug Andrew, of Live Abundant, educating participants on topics of health, wealth and life fulfillment, and Dan Sullivan, CEO of The Strategic Coach, helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential in their…

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    Doug Andrew Knows The Secret To Authentic Wealth. Do You?

Continue Reading → – If You Can’t Leave Work to Tour With Coldplay, Consider These Other Options to Battle Stress

Dealing with stress is part of our lives, both in business and personally. Doug Andrew and other entrepreneurs provide tips oriented toward business leaders to help manage and defuse inevitable stress.​

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Business2Community – Why Tony Robbins Told Me Throwing Up At Least Once a Month is a Good Thing

Most entrepreneurs have experienced crippling anxiety and stress. Though inconvenient, stress can be an indication of something positive—growth. Here are seven tips for dealing with the most stressful moments in business.

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Thrive Global – A Century-Old Solution For Modern-Day Stress

Numerous studies suggest that as many as 81 percent of American workers are stressed out most of the time. Here are 5 principles to achieving the “The Majesty of Calmness.” Thrive Global A Century-Old Solution For Modern-Day Stress

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Business 2 Community – Who’s to Blame? 94% Chance It’s a System Failure, Not You

Doug addresses a common issue: figuring who is to blame when something has gone wrong. However, the problem is most likely a faulty system, taught Dr. W. Edwards Deming. People can’t perform better than the system allows. Who’s to Blame? 94% Chance It’s a System Failure, Not You

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Lifehacker – What to Do Before the Next Market Crash

In preparing for the next market correction (crash) at some point, Doug Andrew suggests considering the liquidity of your money. “Too many investors put liquidity behind rate of return, even third or fourth down the list,” says Andrew. “I say it’s number one.”

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Medium – How a ‘Hand Up’ Is Better Than a ‘Hand-out’

Doug Andrew tells about his visiting children at a dental clinic in the Dominican Republic to illustrate that all kinds of giving are not equal. Teach people how to fish. Don’t just throw fish in their laps.

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GO Banking Rates – Smart Moves for Your Retirement Savings in a Volatile Market

Doug Andrew is quoted in this article on surviving a volatile market. “Investors could be forgiven for having essentially forgotten about volatility. After all, since the market bottomed out in the aftermath of the housing crisis, stocks have grown steadily save for brief hiccups in 2011 and 2015…” See the full article here

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Thrive Global – How a Possibility Thinker Hits the Moon

Doug Andrew uses a paper-folding object lesson to explain how we can expand our thinking, and in the process identify our talents and surround ourselves, and our workplace, with greatness.

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