As a continual learner, Doug Andrew currently collaborates with some of the top entrepreneurial think tanks in the country. Doug's movement has grown from his passion to live with an abundance mentality and create value in the lives of those heading toward and in retirement.

Entitlement Abolition by Doug Andrew

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About Doug Andrew

Doug Andrew, Live Abundant, Missed Fortune

Douglas R. Andrew

Shortly after Doug's personal financial setback in 1978, he grew a deep passion for developing a unique and powerful financial philosophy that would allow thousands so save millions of dollars, even through two of the worst economic downturns in history (2001 and 2008).  As a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist, Doug teaches how to achieve greater liquidity, safety, and rate of return on their serious cash; money that is earmarked for retirement. He teaches that having access to your money when you need it is essential to creating a more secure financial future. He also contends that avoiding loss of financial principal due to market volatility is absolutely necessary. In addition to liquidity and safety of principal, Doug maintains that it is vital to potentially earn conservative rates of return and at the same time have risk minimized due to market volatility.

The lessons learned by Doug Andrew have been thoroughly documented in his Missed Fortune book series. His original book, Missed Fortune was followed by a successful series  which includes Missed Fortune 101 (business best-seller), The Last Chance Millionaire (New York Times best-seller and Wall Street Journal #1), and Millionaire by Thirty (written with his two sons Emron and Aaron).

Live Events with Doug Andrew

As a successful speaker and national radio show host, Doug Andrew has appeared on PBS, Fox Business, and CBS. He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins and has presented for the Asset Protection Group. Doug is passionate about helping you minimize your taxes now and during your retirement years. The first step is to attend one of our in-person or online events (for upcoming dates click here). These impactful and and insightful events provide guests with greater clarity on the dangers of taxes, market volatility, and inflation on their retirement nest eggs.

In addition to financial strategies, Doug teaches families and businesses how to create an abundance mindset and shift from a "ME" to "WE" mentality. See more on this at

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