What If You Could Make Your Money Work as Hard as You, Without Additional Risk? This book will show you how. It's called The LASER Fund.

It’s been called a miracle, a game-changer, a lifesaver. It can provide unparalleled liquidity, safety, predictable rates of return, and tax advantages. It enables tax-free retirement income. And it makes income tax-free wealth transfer possible.


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In working with some of the nation’s wealthiest, Doug noticed concerning symptoms. Families who were adept at accruing financial wealth were often bankrupt in other areas of life. Otherwise well-meaning parents were dumping vast stores of fish in their children’s laps, without teaching them how to fish. Others were allowing their children to crack the nest egg early, leaving them with less in their retirement years than they would need.

The diagnosis - entitlement.

The remedy - entitlement abolition.

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Sometimes Wisdom Can Come From the Unlikeliest of Places —like the back of a Harley Davidson. Such is the experience of two long-time riders, Roy A. Hammond and Doug Andrew. While very different—Roy built a successful career as a dentist and philanthropist, and Doug has worked more than 40 years as a financial strategist, best-selling author, worldwide speaker and abundant living coach—these two brothers-in-law share a passion for the joy of riding, and life.

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